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Originally Posted by leomoon View Post
You may want to change the orb value to less then 80% or whatever orbs you used, (I think the default on is 80 or 90% ? Best to check it because these squares from Pluto to Mars & Saturn appear a bit wide to me, but I just glanced quickly. I'd check myself for you but you did not include your stats for the chart info.

Looking again, your Pluto square Saturn is correct - I just call into question the square to Mars -

Do you try and control people at home? Pluto is often about control issues.

Thank you! How can I change the orb value? I was looking for it now and couldn't find how to change it.

I had to control many many aspects of my life growing up, I lived alone with my alcoholic mother and as a small child I was the one making sure everything kept going and nobody knew.

Nowadays the most I control about my home has to do with cleanliness and verifying at all times my 2 cats are safe, healthy and not escaping/falling out of windows.

I am indeed very stubborn on emotional issues, I tried to help my mother for a lot longer than most would. On intellectual issues, thankfully, I am open to change my mind.

Thank you so much
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