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Re: Would you consider Pluto dominant in my chart?

You may want to change the orb value to less then 80% or whatever orbs you used, (I think the default on is 80 or 90% ? Best to check it because these squares from Pluto to Mars & Saturn appear a bit wide to me, but I just glanced quickly. I'd check myself for you but you did not include your stats for the chart info.

Looking again, your Pluto square Saturn is correct - I just call into question the square to Mars -

Do you try and control people at home? Pluto is often about control issues.


from Astrology King:
Saturn square Pluto natal can cause stubbornness but also great resilience and a ruthless determination to succeed. The greatest obstacle to success is stubbornness, not to be confused with persistence. Stubbornness is a dogged determination not to change your attitude or stance on something.
Some kindle eBooks on the subject of astrology, fixed stars and critical degrees. PM me for details...

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