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Re: Would you consider Pluto dominant in my chart?

Originally Posted by ravsuma View Post
Hello! I've been recently deep diving back into astrology after a mild hiatus and I'd be really interested in knowing what you guys think about my 4th house pluto presence in my chart.

I would be grateful for any insight and I thank you all in advance for any pluto thoughts and really anything else that jumps out to you in my chart!

If pluto sits in IC house - strong placed in own sign in intercepted scorpio under the surface of 4th house - your emotional basement - your emotional identity, your basic trust - you will go out into the world with - Yes this pluto I would call as dominant.

As pluto in 4th house is always connected with a very deep subconscious fear to get completely destroyed and abandoned and left alone. Intensified by pluto sextiling neptune and uranus in 6th house - ruled by saturn.

Uranus as ruler of 8th house - with uranus / pluto corresponding energy in 8th (called the earth-quake energy). 8th = death and near to death experience, shocks and traumata experience in own life- at point of your birth. With saturn in 8th house - on special degree of 0 pisces - between 2 signs and 2 worlds - the visible and the invisible - being aware of both at same time..

With this constellation - you have a very fine instinctive deep looking prewarning antenna for danger with - and can instinctively "smell and feel the rat under the surface". And probably had already early to learn it- and to get it trained for your self-protection - uranus in 6th house - work and working on something - inconjuncting your leo moon and your chiron in 1st house.

Venus in aries in a neptune ruled 9th house main ruling 4th house - mother experience in childhood - squaring uranus as ruler of 8th house in 6th house and neptune as landlord of 9th - where venus is as a tenant in.

I assume that your mother wasn't much available for you as a mother was not much a warm hearted, patient and cuddling mother. And that you probably very much needed an intercepted scorpio with pluto under the surface of 4th house- for protecting your emotional side - to stand it and to go through all in your childhood.

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