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Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
The most dissociative sign is Aquarius, if you're talking about being disassociated from the body. Having Aquarius very prominent in a chart tends to be linked with a tendency to, in a way, forget you have a body. That's the person who'll often skip meals just because they're doing something, and then realize with surprise that they haven't eaten all day, or possibly not even think of eating until someone reminds them. Or not pay any attention at all to their body unless they get sick, and then just want to get that inconvenient illness out of the way as soon as possible. (Many of us do that to some extent, but it's especially pronounced in Aquarius.)

If a person with prominent Aquarius isn't doing that, chalk it up to other chart factors that are more physical. Aquarius also has a certain emotional detachment. If it's a prominent sign for you, particularly moon sign, you might not be much in touch with your emotions, either. You might be very objective about things other people find highly emotional. You might not register strong emotion for yourself unless and until it's so strong you really can't ignore it.

Pisces is dissociative in another way. Pisces is very strongly in touch with emotion, extremely sensitive, but has no natural defense other than disappearing. All water signs are highly sensitive, but Cancer has its shell (security orientation) as a defense, and Scorpio has its sting (the vindictiveness and secretiveness Scorpio is known for). All the fish can do is swim away when things get too overwhelming. So, Pisces is very prone to disassociating from heavily emotional situations, which sometimes only the Pisces person perceives as heavily emotional.

Neptune also carries that disappearing tendency. So, if Neptune and/or Pisces is prominent in the chart, or Aquarius is, then we've got someone who's very prone to disassociating, in one way or another.
I have a triple conjunction in Aquarius as well as Lunar node.
I have sun and mercury in the 11th (Uranian influence again)
All of the above is square my Asc.
Iíve had DP/DR for 10 years.
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