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Re: Multiple Divorces and Husband

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Granted that we all have a certain path to follow in this lifetime, but we still have choices along that pathway.
Otherwise you might say that whatever we do, whatever decisions we might make or actions we might take are useless, because we are just puppets following a pre-set chain of events.
And depending on how we choose, what we learn each step of the way, we are able to set off on different branches of life that will also bring us to our goals eventually.
I do think your rhizomatic structure to fate make a lot of sense. I was thinking while posting this not necessalruy at the fatedess of the problematic but that if interpretations sound to be on a consensus there needs to be a way in which this is expressed. That is given I can't avoid multiple hearrtbreaks perhaps it alludes to an inability to compromise( an assumption ). Is this something I could work on or consider working on. This is something that I might be trying to investigate. Does it make sense?

Do let me know what you think!
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