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Re: Multiple Divorces and Husband

Originally Posted by ravinderccmb View Post
Please clarify few points:
1.Do make relationship quickly and also end quickly.
2. Did you loose money or documents while travelling or away from home.
3. Any issues with your neighbors.
4. Is your father Authoritative person.
Hey Ravinderccmb! These are very interesting questions. Let me answer them.
1. I do tend to do this. I get infatuated easily and fall out even more easily. but I have been someone who values relationship and I never cheat or try play with people I think are genuine with whom I would like something more. So yes and no. Yes in the sense that I do make and end relationships quickly and have done it. But I don't like it at all.

2. OMG! this is such a funny question how did you get it. I don't lose money or documents completely that's my answer. I always tend to forget something, overpay, lose some docuemts. But I always get them back weirdly within a sort span of time if I am quick to react.

3. Umm I try to be as gracious and hosiptable. So I would say yes I am good with my neighbours in every way possible.

4. This is another very interesting question. Yes I have a very authoritative /plutocratic/ can only see power/ aggresive/ domainting father. It is not difficult to say that we hardly get along. Over the years I feel that being with someone like him has given me the ability to fight against autocratic individuals in business and romantic relationships.

Do let me know what you think !
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