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Re: Multiple Divorces and Husband

Originally Posted by AW041 View Post
Your Darakarka (type of spouse) is Moon, so it means that your husband could be younger to you. He will be average height and slim. However I do need to tell you, I have have seen this come true not necessary for the first spouse, it could be subsequent one as well. However Mars in 7th does say that he will have a temper of his own, but will love luxury.
Need to see you D-9 or Navamsa to know more about your marriage. There are various factors for multiple marriages. However your 7th house is Venus in Libra, so I do understand your need for partnership.
Hey AW041! Thanks for this insight. Interestingly enough I have an affinity for older men and yes those who might be seen as temperamental but that's because I am the same. I might find someone who is very mellow boring but also warm because they are opposites.

I do have a strong desire for relationships but I haven't had a long term relationship at all actually. Is that something you see in my chart?

I have attached my D-9 chart in the thread! Do let me know what you think?

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