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Re: Have you had a paid birth chart analysis / personal horoscope?

This isn't reddit. Are you just copy/pasting a post you made there?

This forum is not for seeking professional services, although we do have an Advertising forum where members who are professional astrologers may post about their practice. Anyone who is a professional astrologer may also have a link in their signature, which appears with every post. You may contact someone about their practice through their signature link or whatever info they've provided in an Advertising post.

Other than that, using this site to offer, request, give, or receive astrological services for pay is strictly against the rules. Astrological advice given here is for practice and learning purposes. No money may be exchanged for it.

Edited to add: That takes care of the professional recommendation part of your question. It's not really a question that can be answered on here because there are plenty of people who would recommend themselves, which would be a violation of forum rules (I've deleted one such self recommendation already). As to the rest of your question, this forum is a great place to get help studying your chart on your own. You might also decide you want a professional reading, but that would be up to you. Some people find that very helpful in their astrology journey. Others prefer self study, or group study.

Professional astrologers vary greatly in how good they are and how good a fit they would be for you. One might leave you feeling it's a waste of money. Another might leave you feeling they were worth every penny and then some. People who've had professional readings may have had both kinds of experiences.
Private messages welcome if they're moderation-related matters or personal messages for me, but please do not send me astrological questions or chart reading requests. I only answer those on the forum, in my practice, and on my blog at, a separate site from this one.

Want my input on your natal chart-based question? You are welcome to submit it to the Ask the Astrologer feature on my blog, provided that it follows the feature's ground rules.

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