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Re: Uranus Transit Conj Sun

Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Chiron semisextiles your mars as your ruler of asc and inconjuncts your moon/saturn conjunct. You share same experience of being a man with your father and took already something over before your birth during pregnancy of your mother- who probably had a hard time that time in her environment. And felt herself not accepted in her own reputation in outer society – what you witnessed and took subconsiously over in body-unity with your mother that time and probably felt yourself as guilty for – not knowing and not yet being able to sort it out/in the right way as a tiny little baby. Chiron in virgo has the emotional body meridian-impression of feeling guilty as injury – virgo in health house is a sensitive intestine..
Do you know whether your mother and your father experienced a lost child before your own birth ? Or did your mother had a miscarriage - a lost soul in your family ? Your both parents longed for to get it healed by your birth ?

This would be a further explanation for your zero degree uranus placement - main ruling your 12th house. Sitting between two chairs - the visible world - saturn and the invisible - uranus with an inner order taken over from own parents to heal their previous past experience and loss with your own birth.

Venus direct under AC as ruler of physical body house 2nd and 7th inconjuncts your scorpio moonnode in 7th house- who is trined by your moon. Mars in 5th house -life energy- squares your mercury as ruler of 3rd house - also siblings - where your lilith is in. The dark side of moon and the dark emotions causer in your own thoughts (3rd).

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