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Re: How do I know if he likes me if he won’t talk to me?

Person on the outside = Person 1
Person on the inside = Person 2

Person 1 will struggle finding independence in the relationship. The egos between both people are going to battle against one another. Person 2 is more talkative and personal while Person 1 is more distant and detached. Person 1 may feel like they can't have enough freedom in the relationship.

Both people have their Moons' conjunct, while Person two also has Venus and Pluto conjunct the Moons. This shows tremendous attraction and love for one another. The relationship may get chaotic, but it's still very deep. The problem with this is that Person 2's Saturn is squaring the Moons and conjunction. Person 1 will feel restricted or feel dull or emotionally shut down in the relationship. Venus square Saturn indicates a difficulty in the relationship.

Mars opposite Mars indicates a great deal of passion and sexual energy, but it will be difficult to find a balance, as there could be many violent fights or anger in the relationship.

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