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Re: How do I know if he likes me if he won’t talk to me?

Originally Posted by Jadi View Post
If you want a response to this, you're going to have to post real charts or synastry wheels, almost no one is willing to look at data charts here.

Just go and talk to the guy, that's the best way to find out if you share a connection or not. I understand the curiosity but what's the point if it's just going to remain a fantasy? Do you have a dominant Neptune?
thanks for your answer, i thought the sheets are more detailed, but will add the wheels too.

it is just that on the one hand i nearly never felt such a bond without really knowing somebody, but on the other hand i am a afraid to talk to him. maybe it is ridicilous. i am working part time to fund my studies, he is an employee in an other department and i am not sure if he is allowed e.g. to meet me. just noticed he has eros conj mars so i thought he will not be shy.

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