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Pisces Neptune Transit Natal Pisces Mars

I was born with a natal Saggitarius Neptune Square natal Pisces Mars. Now Neptune is transiting my natal Pisces Mars in conjunction. I have some optimism and faith that with my Mars being in Pisces will turn this negative sounding conjunction transit, into a profound and spiritual experience.

I have studied and learned that this transit can make one's willpower and physical strength weak and ineffectual. I was thinking if I left myself open to my instincts, and I continued moving forward on my path in a spiritual manner, that this would honor my own mars Piscean energy, and maybe enhance it.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or experiences with a transit of this nature? Also, does anyone have any insight of how the 2 planets interact with each other from the last square of the cycle to what ultimately is the start of a new cycle?
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