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Illness in the natal chart?

Hey everyone,

I'd appreciate a traditional astrological perspective or anyone who knows medical astrology.

I've been dealing with an undiagnosed illness for nearly 2 years. It was in summer of 2017 that I started experiencing a severe headache, troubles with speech, and confusion. In a few months, it progressively got worse, with my headaches becoming the worst I'd ever experienced, on top of severe mental and physical fatigue, being unable to eat and get out of bed. I was unable to speak so I couldn't explain myself. I also have a history of depression and anxiety.

I was admitted to the hospital. They've done MRI's, CT's of my brain over the years. They found nothing wrong, thankfully. Most of my symptoms cleared up around January of 2018 but then I started to lose my sense of taste and touch. I've lost both since then, and the doctors are puzzled, to say the least.

I was healthy for mostly all my life, aside from depression and anxiety, which I struggled with in my teens and still do. I also have a mechanical problem with my right shoulder that popped up when I was 21 that still bothers me.

Looking at my natal chart, Mercury and the Moon (the body) are both conjunct Saturn and harmed by it. Saturn is ruler of the 5th and 6th, angular in the 7th indicating the spouse would be ill and myself as well. Looking at the Solar Return for the year I fell ill, Moon is lady of the year and is combust in the 4th house, indicating bodily harm. Saturn is in the SR ascendant.

I also noticed the firdaria was Mercury-Saturn for the year I got sick, again emphasis on illness. I can see the indicators, but I don't know what the illness is.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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