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Originally Posted by Whoam1 View Post
Fav Mars in cap info I've found for us L2k

"Notebook #93 observations: Courage as an over-compensatory behavior; they see themselves as "one down," spend a lot of energy dealing with it, but not likely to complain much about it. Solid helpers. [NOTE: On "one down" compensatory behavior, consider Woody Allen! Also consider Lance Armstrong as an example of the power of coming from behind. Consider Rush Limbaugh.]

OTHER PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS: Among people I personally know, this is one of the most secretive group I know. Some are outright deceptive about who they are; most are only extremely withholding concerning facts they think will get them negatively judged (usually asserting it is "none of anybody's business," or that they are simply private). I speculate about the amount of unresolved shadow content, because they often seem to be carrying a lot of their past around as something that makes them uncomfortable and they don't want disclosed. - Women with this position are extremely forthright in their sexuality, a mix of practicality with unusually strong sexual needs.

This "secretive" and "insincere" reflects a trait that is easy to see among people with the Sun and Moon in Capricorn: They don't like to be self-disclosing. I suppose there is a "safety first" feel to this. People I know who have Mars in Capricorn have variations of this - secretive, sometimes mysterious, putting on a facade so people won't really see them. "Wanting to look good" and "not wanting to be found out" are frequent forms."
Cool thanks.

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