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Re: Best and worst mars signs to have.

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
It is not only the sign that Mars is in that is of vital importance. It is also the house placement and the way it is aspected by other planets.

Mars needs to be supported and amplified by Saturn, Uranus and or Pluto to be fully strengthened. And Jupiter can also fortify and empower Mars greatly.

Having Mars elevated in the chart, being trined or sextile by Saturn and maybe Pluto, and having no malicious aspects which drain or block it's energies, is most beneficial for the native.

One very powerful successful businessman/entreupenur that I know, has his Mars in Cap in the 10th, sextiling Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th. They are in mutual reception. And his Sun is in Pisces sextiling the Mars and he gives a lot of time and energy to charities and children's hospitals.
I understand elevated planets show outward results but would a mars in say the 4th house not bring some inner strength? Like Pluto being in the 4th could still be powerful even if not elevated type thing? Given the 4th is the most sensitive point, or are those energies turned inward?
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