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Re: Careers for the Sagittarius-Influenced

Originally Posted by sibylline View Post
This is my bf's brother's chart. Any guesses on what his career might be? It is a good one for Sag types.

The native of the chart is not a heavy Sagittarius. They only have a their Asc. and Mars in Sag. Now that might be confusing, but I don't bother with the signs of the outer/generational planets, just their aspects.

As far as the career of the native goes, he has Libra on the MC, with the ruler, Venus, in Libra (so highly dignified = strong). Anything concerning beauty and arts would suit the native (like fashion designing, interior decoration), or connected with the field of luxury, like designing expensive furniture, or even houses (with Cap Jupiter enhancing that Venus).

What is the native inclined toward? Apologies if you have mentioned that somewhere on the thread, as I haven't read any of the posts except the one with the chart of the brother.
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