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Re: Has anyone on here ever enter the spiritual realm without dying?

Originally Posted by neptunya View Post
There was a book about this actually, a best seller. I forgot what it is called.

But there were cases of people in a coma, telling their own experiences of what they have experienced.

ALL of them, were out of their bodies, seeing themselves on the bed and could explain in details what happened after they went into a coma. They could say what relative visited them, what they talked with them, how they were dressed, etc.

After the soul is completely detached from the body (it takes time), they got sucked in a dark tunnel or they felt they fell through a tunnel. And they woke up in a warm place (the place now is different for everyone).

But again, ALL people, no matter the religious background, they would meet with an entity of light that took different shapes depending on the person. Some saw their best friend, a parent, God, Buddha, etc. It was all to make them feel safe and comfortable.
Then that entity would touch you, and all your life would be played in your head, all your bad experiences, and you decide whether or not you want to come back.
I was a young teen when I experienced 'the tunnel.' It felt like I was on fast moving train and we entered a tunnel, going warp speed. And inside the tunnel, I saw a movie of my entire life, and I watched it, in seconds. Then the ultra bright light at the end of the tunnel---before I was suddenly back to consciousness, on the sand, with the lifeguards and EMT's, doing CPR.
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