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Re: An "Will we meet?" question with a small twist!

Thanks again Rafaella

It's possible she didn't see me when we were stood around. But when I ran past her, I'm not sure she could have missed a 6'2" man of my build although stranger things have happened. Any thoughts about what Jupiter/Mars might represent?

I'm not sure what I have to say to her and yet there is something needs to be said. But I don't know what it is. As I said previously, my prog moon is currently clearing out the past in 12H.

So maybe there's some hidden feelings on my part, but I also wonder if there are some for her too. When she dumped me it was like she was in denial about hers. One moment she couldn't get enough of me, the next she never spoke to me again. Her mouth said one thing, her eyes/body language said another.

There are more races over the upcoming months - not least the race at her club tomorrow. As I say this morning was unexpected because it was a totally different event.
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