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Re: Interceptions in Horary

Originally Posted by byjove View Post
Well I've been getting an intercepted pair in every 3/4 charts that I've casted. Mind you, as I said, I've always lived in northern latittudes. Just as in natal charts, that's what happens.

As for usage, well I've really been testing horary's limits. E.g. is it reflecting what's happening in my life? And also learning along the way. Go back a few months and see what tools I had to interpret charts then. Nearly none.
The problem with using Horary too much, is that you enter the realm of uncertain charts.

Furthermore, the chart tries to show the situation the best it can...but if you are constantly asking questions, the details become less accurate for your personal life. It is usually wise to use horary as little as you can, so when you have an important question in mind, you can get a correct answer with every detail possible.

Everyone goes through a period of "constant horary questions". It happened to me too, and to most people. Horary has a tendency to become a bit addictive. But trust me not casting so many charts is better.

If you need to practice the skills you can always use the charts posted here on the forum. It is actually better, because we are never objective with our personal charts. On our personal charts we "see what we want to see".

Its just some advise, don't take it the wrong way.
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