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Re: Will my computer arrive (known outcome)

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post

Moog, thanks for updating.

WCA, your factual knowledge of Astrology is strong. I combine facts with feeling, living upto being a woman. I was pretty sure that the notebook wouldn't arrive on the desired date. Indeed, the Moon translates light from a detrimented Jup to an exalted Sun, hence only a slight delay. And, surely, I wanted to look at Mer- showing Moog's possession (2nd house) of it.

Moog, any idea what caused the delay? Did it have to be flown in from another country? Or was it a foreign brand (out of stock) or something?

It might have been something to do with some checks they run, that put it back.

I don't think it was flown in or anything to do with foreign. They apparently had 50 in stock, at their warehouse, of which they have 4, all in the UK afaik.
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