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will package make it out of U.S. customs office


i have a tracking number for the postal office and i just called and the package is in the USA customs office and i'm told it can be held for 30 -40 days!!!!! so i ran a chart.

will my package be released and when?
date: 8/27/07
time: 8:01 p.m.
place: bradford, ma (USA) 71w09, 42n46
asc 20 pisces

there are no aspects between significators which means no action but there has to be: either they release the package or they don't. so i'm confused on this one.

i'm represented by jupiter if you use traditional methods and the package which is paid for is represented by the the second house (as it's my possession even though it hasn't made it here yet). the last aspect for the moon is opposed saturn so saturn plays a heavy role here. mars is in the third house which i take to represent that i will eventually receive my paid package (am i wrong here?).

what i got for significant aspects that are applying are:
mars opp jupiter
mercury sq mars
fortune conj vertex (fortune is hand in hand with fate)
sat sex juno (demonstrating package is important to me)

the sixth house is loaded with planets and i take that to mean that the outcome will be "healthy".

ivy uses parallels and says they mean it's "as good as done" and the following parallels were seen:
ven para sat
merc para venus
sun para venus, sat, and mercury
fort para vertex
vertex para ascendent
merc para sat
merc para vertex and fortune
jupiter para ascendent (which to me is the strongest and suggests i'll have customs release package.)

now what i'm super not good at is timing.... when, if i got it right, and it will be released from the US customs office will they release the package to be routed for delivery? and can someone tell me how they went about figuring out delivery time frame i'd appreciate it so i can learn something.

any help would greatly be appreciated where i've had one package lost in customs somewhere whether here or their country. as one can see it's very frustrating not knowing if something will or won't arrive and why things happen the way they do sometimes. i was hoping for delivery this week where it made it to the US customs office at 4:33 p.m. on the 25th but of course the post office doesn't work on the weekend (or the drivers don't).

thanks bunches for your help with this horary question.
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