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Originally Posted by leomoon View Post
I don't either Chrysalis, just doing my best by trying

The round chart is better for me too, but not the decans. So ignoring them for now, I see the querant is Jupiter in the house of astrology (11th) cj.Sun & Mercury in 10th. Mercury ruler of the 7th appears to be the person awaiting the astrologer is in touch.

The package is ruler of house 2 Mars and in the 8th in Scorpio. Since Mars is sextile the Moon, the package will be here shortly. I don't necessarily ignore outer planets, and Uranus is showing up in the 2nd house and square the Moon, hence this was or is the mixup, keeping the package delayed likely through customs.

Wish I knew more about timing.
Hey!! Thanks for the reading, Leomoon. That would be great! I asked her to tell me if she gets the letter or the package or to just keep me updated. I hope she does that. As soon as I have some feedback Iíll let you know!

All the very best,
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