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Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
It's in the chapter about 3rd house questions. In the first edition of the book he writes:

In the revised edition, however, he adds this:
Okay. Canít put a thanks cause Iím on my phone. And it just quote a bit of this. I have some issues with this logic.

(1) this seems to stem from books and letters, 3rd house matters. (2) It seems to be an extension of love letters. A business transaction and a book. He corrects this in the revised edition as it wasnít clear because he used a package of a book so now says itís the second of the seventh. Why? Because itís not in the persons (querents) possession. Okay.

Yet, by the very nature of losing something the lost object is not in the querentís possession. He or she simply doesnít have it. However, in the first instance the querent at least had a receipt showing ownership of a recent purchase.

If I went to a store and bought something, then lose it somewhere from the store to my home, how would the merchant have control of it? If I bought something and it was sent with proof the merchant no longer has it, the how is it second from seventh? If I sent a friend to pick up an order I had a receipt for would we use the second from the seventh?

Even relationships are ubiquitously given the seventh even though traditionally it has always been regarded as the house of marriage, of binding contracts. But a date is the fifth house. Anything without a commitment is fifth but Frawley uses the seventh, always. I think it is due to his gambling propensity in sports and heavy reliance on sports betting so that any interaction with another is the seventh house.

When I do this, step one is to determine the person who had dominion and control, and if that is know, will it be stolen or taken. If not known, then itís only the second, and the chart should reveal the rest. In the former situation, it will either be the courier or the government, if going through customs. Albeit Frawley still seems to use the lord of the second, the moon and first.

One thing is clear, people have to treat horary as an art, more so than other areas of astrology. It is the closest thing in astrology to reading tea leaves and tarot. If one uses a book for tarot then that person isnít doing it right. Once a person understands the grammar, he or she can write how he or she wants. So is with horary that once someone understands the houses, planets, etc., he or she is free to read a chart as he or she wants. But a person must have a complete understanding of the ďgrammar.Ē Thatís my opinion. But there are other horary practitioners who do not see or do things as Frawley, who has his own system for many things and is not a pure traditionalist. Thatís not a criticism but just that he doesnít go by the book, always.
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