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Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
In Frawley's Textbook he wrote to use the third of the 7th if it is a letter you are wating for. Or if it is a book you bought, then it is the package of the seller. It is in your posession when it arrived.
In the example the astrologer first looked at the second house ruler but Jupiter did not fit. Then he used the 2nd of the 7th, which was mercury, making an aspect to moon and gave the right answer. But maybe it was mercury as natural significator of the package and not the ruler of the 8th.
Usually I use the 2nd for vedic charts, but I just wonder if it is really everytime the 2nd. When looking for lost objects, the object is most of the time in the posession of the querent, so there is no question which house to use.
Frawley also couldn’t determine the difference between “misplaced” and “lost” and that “a finer mind than his would have to determine the difference.” It is based on intent of the person whose object is where it is intended to be and where it is not intended to be. A subtle distinction but one common to common law (and I’m not sure if a pun is intended here or not).

I will tell you this: I used not only the second house and the but the house of the gate keeper, too. She who has dominion over the object in question. Fundamentally this is an issue of thievery and will said object be lost or stolen or will courier deliver the buyer’s package.

If you cross the border into another country to buy something because it’s cheaper there and laws forbid such purchases in one’s own country, you will have to cross the border back into your own country with the merchandise you purchased in a foreign country. Border customs will be there to ferret out contraband. So the question is to identify a possible thief: Will said thief take the item(s), and if not, will the courier make it to the buyer’s domicile so that buyer has absolute dominion over said item.

As for seller and 7th, will seller sell the item to buyer and send it? That’s a true second of seventh. We are dealing with sales. The third if seventh is relevant in determining if seller correctly put the address on the package of said item.

All of these are of value in knowing and will clearly show in the chart. An overseas purchase is complicated. My adjudication of the chart used multiple planets and houses, and I used the natural ruler of said item. This is why it’s easier knowing what was ordered and from where as it helps to read the chart.

I still do not recall Frawley saying packages are 3rd from the 7th. Maybe a love letter but not an item bargained for and purchased. I do not memorize everything I read. If I had that ability I wouldn’t be working on a Sunday

All that being said, read the chart as you wish. I’m just giving my humble opinion here.
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