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Re: Will querent receive her second package and if so, then when?

Yes she will. Kp Horary says on 24th January.

When looking at the tropical chart, intuitively I would say that she will receive the package because Moon approaching a sextile to Mars. Moon and Jupiter exalt Mars and Mars is strong in accidential dignities.
My question is now - do we really usually use the 2nd for the package? According to Frawley the package is not her 2nd yet. It will be her 2nd when it arrived. So now it is still theoretically in the possesion of the seller.
it must be his 2nd or the 8th or 6th (for chemical medication/drugs) of the 7th or mercury as natural ruler for medicine. But this would open now a new discussion which house/planet to use for medicine.
In any case we do not use the 2nd of the 2nd. This is a question about one package. It does not matter how many packages she bought before or is waiting for. The first package has iits own chart.

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