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Re: Will we ever be together?

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Quite a fantasy, as you named the chart!
Have you had any contact with this man in person?
You, mercury, in the 3rd of communications, using social to relate somehow.
The moon is the question, appropriately in the 7th and approaching a trine to mercury, which would give a yes to the question.
Thanks a lot for your answer ElenaJ

I've never had contact with him because he's abroad, but I have replied to a few of his tweets. My comments are among hundreds of comments complimenting him or his work, but my remarks are quite unusual so he may have paid attention to some of them. His a Virgo moon and maybe some of my comments are sound to him.

Three weeks ago I casted an horary "Does he read my tweets?", it seems the answer was No. Moon was applying to an opposition with Jupiter (3H ruler) but POF was applying to a square with Jupiter and had just started to separate from a square with the Moon (003' orb). Perhaps the answer was: he's not currently reading my tweets but he's going to read them soon.

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
"(Mercury) is applying to a trine of the Moon." Note, this is not correct, it is moon that applies to mercury. Moon is the fastest moving planet so she applies.
Thanks for correcting me.

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