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Re: Pluto and Saturn transits (hard aspects) 2014-2020

WEll, heavy planetary transits do teach you a lot....but they can also beat you up.

I also have gone thru some really rough transits in the time frame you mention.

Neptune squaring & opposing my mutable planets; Saturn square my Cancer planets; Uranus (when in Aries) ALSO doing a tap dance on my Venus and Jupiter in Cancer....and kicking me in the head for an encore. Jupiter in Scorpio squared my Sun sign and other Leo planets....and the present Jupiter opposing several Gemini planets incl. my Moon (now.)

So's been really exhausting just surviving mentally. I have better transits in my past to compare them to.....but I feel bad for the younger people today who only have thes cr a p p y transits and may think their entire lives will be this way

"The universe does not care if it inconveniences you."
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