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Re: feeling as if living for other people

Originally Posted by or1000 View Post
just want your opinion on aspects of the chart that can make a person very outward directed towards everybody else, worried about not being loved, and not essentially living according to their own values but rather trying to please others as if that is their only means of survival
Not sure on aspects but if placements, I think this is a very Libra traits. Like Libra have no directions when they don't have a partner. Libra want to be like by everyone. They ain't happy if they're single and can get so lost and empty and sad. We're really people pleaser until one day we wake up and stop. And even when we're awake is still not easy for us to say no to people. We have to be so conscious on fixing our people pleaser traits that sometimes we regret not saying no or we forget to stand firm and say no.
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