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Re: Origins of psychological astrology?

Great post, Therese.

I think that either modern psychological astrology needs to drop its pretenses to being psychological, or else astrologers should get the academic qualifications to come by the term honestly and credibly. For sure-- we could use more people with a B. S. (B. Sc.) in psychology and a Master's degree in psychology, counseling, or a closely allied field.

It didn't help that Liz Greene got her first "Ph. D." from a now-defunct diploma mill in LA (not UCLA or USC) with a "dissertation" topic only loosely affiliated with psychology. Apparently that was sufficient for her to hang out her shingle as a practising psychologist in the UK in 1971.

It's OK to bash the academics or to praise the early psychological astrologers like Greene for their contributions to astrology. It's good for us to keep apprised of recent developments in psychology in lay-person's terms. But these are different issues than borrowing a term to which few of us can legitimately lay claim. It just makes us look like a bunch of dummies to claim something without evidence to support us.

Zarathu is one with rights to the term. Therese? How many others?

Astrology can legitimately lay claim to a much older delineation of personality: temperament.
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