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Re: Origins of psychological astrology?

It is also worth mentioning that traditional astrology dealt with the "soul" in a way that we today would define as personality; and the 4 elements translated into "temperaments" that were also close to personality types. But psychology? This is a modern discipline and university subject which has gone through big changes over the course of its history, but today seems closer to "behavioural science" or even neuroscience. So it isn't anything we really find astrologers engaging in at a professional level, so far as I know.

Alan Leo had no education in psychology (and little formal education,) but like the other theosophists, he had a "modern" interest in how the mind worked-- as they understood it at the turn of the 20th century. Theirs was a blend of books on personality, philosophy, and esotericism. It may be a misnomer to call much of what we do "psychology."
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