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Re: Origins of psychological astrology?

In English language astrology, I'd look to the writings of Dane Rudhyar, who was active throughout the mid-20th century. This wasn't psychology as a behavioural scientist would understand it today, but more akin to a mix of philosophy and the human potential movement. Psychological astrology got another boost ca. 1970 from Liz Greene and her associates, and Stephen Arroyo. However, even Greene did not have strong educational credentials in psychology. The psychology in her books tends to derive largely from the work of Carl Jung; and some even harkens back to Freud. So it is hard to say how much of psychological astrology an actual psychologist would recognize today. I note that a practising clinical psychologist usually needs at least a Master's degree in psychology or an allied field, and then s/he has to pass a board certification exam. I doubt that many astrologers have done this.

However, many of us are informed by psychology in the popular press.
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