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lost diploma recovered.what is the actual significator for the lost object

hello everyone
the story: for more than a year and a half i was searching my hard copy master first I thought it was misplaced somewhere but then since my efforts finding it seemed in vain I cast an Horary on January.Then out of the sudden yesterday when i returned from work and i was searching some folders suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.So in the first chart i am wondering where is it and if i'll find it, while the second is approximately the time was recovered.So what do you think?

when i saw the first chart i thought ...ok mercury(as a natural significator of documents) combust...technically inside L8 ...moon/l1 in a separating aspect with jupiter (so perhaps an excess of care or a reorganisation of household affairs} .... with mars (fury...etc)...with saturn (forgetfulness) these where the most obvious reasons that i had lost it in the first place. then again i was thinking ok i can't see it until mercury leaves combustion both mercury and sun located in aquarious...fixed and Humane sign so the lost object must be in a place frequented by people -such as the home, rather than outside in a secluded area...although located in L8 seemed a lost case, i was thinking that by mistake i must have thrown it away, while i was reorganizing my files back then.

However, i was thinking about fortuna..located inside L10(my office in my house) in Jupiter's domicile so i searched again but no luck.L9 also in saturn's domicile///the study a higher version of the 3rd house Then i noticed something more...L4 (home, the end of the matter) shows mercury but there's libra/ venus intercepted, while inside L10 (my office at home) we have aries/mars intercepted....while venus in a separating aspect with mars!!!so it seemed as
If something was blocking my diploma to be found..while mercury in saturn's domicile ...

In the second chart (the time of the recovery) i see moon applying to Jupiter by square, while venus squares mars, as if these two had to be found again in order my diploma to be recovered.having moon in via combusta , cardinal and angular could mean also more than slow?while jupiter mutable and succedent, medium time so to say?so slow?the hard aspect also (moon-jupiter) was difficult to be found

So what do you think ?was actually my diploma moon or mercury...or else (jupiter)?A.)mercury still under the sunbeams, though retrograde,has just sextiled saturn, while moon in L2 in mercury's domicile has a separating aspect with both(moon has just opposed mercury and trined Saturn) B) mars/venus square triggered moon/mars trine (collection of light)?

thanks in advance for your thoughts
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