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Am I doomed in love and better off staying single ?! Venus Rx Venus Sq Pluto

Hi everyone !!!

I would really love to get some insight on my birth chart. Astrology has helped me understand myself better in countless ways. But my love life remains a mystery!

I feel like I was cursed with almost every negative love aspect a person can get ! I have Venus square Pluto, Venus Rx, Pluto and Mars in the seventh house. ( I don’t relate to the whole sign house system at all...)

In 2011, I got into a relationship that ended in 2016. (No cheating involved. I broke up with him. And it was amicable) And I have been single since then. Seems like love just keeps missing me.

Lately I have been feeling like I am better off just staying single. When I meet someone I like, I can’t help but immediately become obsessed and possessive (Venus square Pluto) but I refuse to let the person actually know that I am interested in them (Virgo Moon or Venus rx?) so it just becomes this exercise in futility that leaves me completely frustrated and dejected time and time again. I try to fight it but it’s easier said than done. Especially lately, it’s been causing me a lot of depression. (Neptune opposing my sun ? And I’m in my Rahu Saturn Mahadasha)

The idea of love and relationships causes me so stress and anxiety. I know I am self sabotaging out of fear. My progressed sun and mercury all just crossed into my 7th house ( with my progressed moon soon to follow) so I can’t help but want a relationship but at the same time destroy any chance I have of connecting to anyone out of fear! I’m stuck between paralyzing fear that I am going to die alone and feeling like staying single for life would probably be best for me !

Just thought it would be interesting to see what other people see in my natal and progressed/transit chart. Any and all feedback and advice is welcome ! Thank you!

My natal chart
Transits and Progressions

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