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Re: Will everything be ok?

Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
It's gonna get better. I think you did the right thing here, and there are a few bumps coming up, but you'll be stronger.

Your pets look to be in very good shape, btw, I expect that's a worry, but I think they'll be fine.

In this chart, you're Venus, at the very end of Scorpio - that's a bad position, but it's the END of this thing, so you're a bit shaky. Soon, Venus moves into Sag, along with its ruler, Jupiter, the great benefic, which is going to bring you some good.

This person you were with, he may look powerful now, and I'm sure he scared you badly, but he's fading, he's not going to have so much power over you.

Friends look solid, people who can help you, people you can talk to. (I'm assuming they're pretty close, if not it's a little trickier.)

There is a nasty eclipse coming up this week-end, so if you have to go back to the place you lived - don't. Not yet. If you don't have to go there at all, that's great. If you do, take someone with you, and give it some time, wait a week or so. This guy may try to cause trouble once more and want you back - but you - you just don't be there for it to happen.

And yes, you'll find a good place to live. It's going to take you a couple months, but it really does look like things are going to be okay. Venus + Jupiter in Jupiter's sign.

So for now take a deep breath, and try to calm down. It gets better.

I wish you all the best.
Thank you for your calming words. I am very worried about everything, including the stress of traveling for my pets (two guinea pigs). I am not escaping an abusive romantic relationship. I am escaping from my abusive parents. My parents already tracked down where I currently am. These friends I have known for a long time. We've had our issues, but they are willing to support right now when it counts.
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