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Re: Photography competition, will I win it?

Originally Posted by Sunrise View Post
Hi Noelb and i hope to get the price that you want!!
In your chart,
Ill take you as in your 5th house of creation and pleasure and hobbies. Definitely you are enjoying ...
In your 5th you have a that shows us luck and growth in this area.
Your photos (your hobby and your creature) are the Sun. He is in the last degrees and ready to change position. While where he is strong (who tells you that your job - your photos are very good) and maybe you can get some money out of it.

But for your inquiry, if you win the competition, I think the win will eventually be won by someone other than you.

I see (competitors) who are in the cancer and angular within the 4th house. This Venus is in the exaltation of
Jupiter (the physical signpost of publishers, expansion, etc.) in the 7th ruled by Venus (rivals) in exaltation of Saturn (victory and prize). Saturn with Jupiter has a mixed reception. Further, in Saturn's detriment, in the detriment of Mars and in the fall of the Sun (photos).

I wish you good luck
Dear Sunrise,

I am deeply indebted to your insights and knowledge. Due to the lack of time and effort, I am a pious individual at reading a horary chart.

I really do hope I win this competition. My first camera has stuck with me for the past 8 years, but I do want another step level up on semi-professional gear if I won the competition.

With gratitude,

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