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Exclamation Re: How To Prepare For Uranus/Pluto Squares

I look at the current positions of the "heavier" planets, and in particular the aspects they make to each other relative to Earth, as "archetypal predictions" and not "concrete predictions". In other words, I do not believe that the aim, purpose or capacity of astrology is to predict specific events. I don't think anything can do that. And perhaps that is just as well.

But in the sense of archetypal predictions, I have seen that astrology does this very well indeed. Different planetary agents have different functions in relation to human beings. It appears, in the case of Uranus and Pluto, that these two agents have an especial affinity for mapping out and timing large socio-political "revolutions". If Uranus symbolizes challenges to the status quo, the individual to the collective, and if Pluto symbolizes that collective in its more power aggrandizing sense, full of deep-seated human desires for dominance, then an action materializes; an action of revolutionary challenges, often by individuals, to the collective status-quo power centers.

In the most recent example Uranus and Pluto formed a conjunction in 1964-65, and perhaps a bit later. This seems to have been inititiatory only - just a 'first act' if you will. The various socio-political events in the World and esp. in America, during those years, certainly seemed to be about this Uranian challenge to Pluto! We had the long-haired Boomer hippies challenging those "Greatest Generation" G.I.s (using Fourth Turning terminology) - as the former "dropped out", and negroes challenging Jim Crow laws, and the anti-war movement against Viet Nam, etc.

The second act is about to begin if it hasn't already. And I believe that that same Boomer generation will play its part once again! But no longer as "wild-eyed" hippies in their 20s; rather now they will be leading the movement away from this entrenched collective monolith and towards, yet again, individuality - something the Boomers do very well! We are now in our 60s and our task is quite a bit different from what it was, but it will still be revolutionary. For in a time of lawlessness and tyranny speaking Truth is revolutionary.
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