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Re: Should I pursue a pregnancy with the spouse?

Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
I was a little surprised to see this thread after just seeing the other one about feelings for a stranger. Unless you are sure about your feelings for your spouse that need to be firm before you bring a life into this world, no, dont think getting pregnant is the ethical thing to do here.
Thank you Aquarius7000 for your input. I suspected this would come up. Please allow me to clarify.

For years I've been wrestling with the thought of having more children. A lot of factors have made me question the decision, most importantly the condition of our marriage. When baby fever hits, it's often a sobering moment.

I got curious though about an incident that occurred not too long ago and I never really figured out what was going on. My spouse is well aware of this and we've worked through it. I have no intention of introducing trouble. I want my own marriage to improve.

In the last year there have been so many changes that have made me question how things are. As for this particular experience with the stranger - nothing ever happened at all. I was hit with something close to deja vu and familiarity. I simply wanted to know the 'why' of the matter.

I wouldn't want to bring a child into a terrible situation, hence the pregnancy question. I think that ultimately it all boils down to a marriage question. But I've learned quite a few insights that have given me much to think about.

Thank you for your inquiry. I apologize for the confusion.
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