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Re: Should I pursue a pregnancy with the spouse?

Dear Rubies,

Thank you for your reply, it means a lot to me as I am new on here. (Too many edits already, lol!!)

In reply to your question, I feel, in the reading, that if you are ambitious then he wants to be more successful, as he wants to be the (traditional) husband. He is not able to show affection as he is trying to show love by being a strong and (traditional) husband/male role in your life.

He has a lot of love inside of him for you and I know you feel guilty for that in secret, and we know what your telling us Sister, but you still love him and it is a burden.

The (Aries) is the competition, he feels he needs to prove this, but he thinks he is useless unless he can show you he is a success. I feel this man in your life, he has sincere love for you maybe more than he can handle even, and he can not show, anyone, or he must not show this, as he feels he is a man who is not a success but a failure.

If you are ambitious then it explains more than what we already looked at, he is afraid you wont love him as in his world, in his mind (which is only his truth), he will be a failure to the woman he loves. That is you I believe.

You love this man or you would not be here thinking and hurting. This is your family here anyway, we all love you Rubies.

Your here to find one thing only, happiness, you have more than most people have, (love). Yes he can be a controlling and selfish man, but he is weak for and over you.

You want a man to love you, but you was given a man by the heavens and the boss God who loves you so deep, he will look cold and distant as he wants to support you and he loves you too much that he feels he is not good enough to express it. Unforgettable.

Your stronger than him and he hurts in pride.

But, you love him and need him or why would you be here, lol.

Remedy, (magic).

Tell him that you are ambitious and want to be successful but he inspires you. That you without him would not be a success. That you as ambitious woman with a big heart and a very big heart you have sister, you can only be hurt by him.

He can be a king (Exalted Mars in Capricorn, but without love he will never taste life.

A beautiful and open and brave, patient and playful, but secretive with her love also, my sister Rubies.

Do not be a stranger and tell me what you decide when you are free.

You are destined to be happy, sometimes a little pain is like salt, it makes the dish special. Salt is nasty but a little salt, makes the dish special.

A blessing on my sister Rubies. I read and see you still love this man, it is a heavy pain on you this morning as you read this, but you love him all the same. Happiness is what you

Your newbie friend,
Your Timing, always, x

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