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Re: Should I pursue a pregnancy with the spouse?

With Aquarius on the 5th your asking if your marriage will improve for the baby (A son) Sun.

You feel very alone (Saturn in Capricorn) in a marriage. He is very focused on ambition (Aries) 7th house, he is distant as he wants to be the best, to be success, (Aries) but he is acting selfish even overbearing (Aries). He does not know about your Sun in the 5th house. There is love there for you as he wants to be the best for you, but he is blind to kindness, as he feels his ambition is love. He wants to show his love by conquer the world. To make you Queen. But he hurts at his lack of success and turns his heart from you. I feel your pain for a man who worships you but feels fulfilled ambition is a way to show love. His heart is clean and pure but he is at war with his mind and can not rest until success (Aries, 7th house). He will win as his ruler is exalted in Capricorn (Mars). He will be successful. He will have power in his field of ambition, but he is not a man of affection or romance.

My dear, sister, the astrology has told us what is. But you come home to your family and ask what you need to do?.

Mercury in 5th is a Mercurial child but the 7th house Aries will exalt the Sun (Sun in 5th ), he will exalt any son he has. As Aries exalts the Sun, the (Son) in the 5th house, he will adore any boy, it will be his greatest fulfillment actually. But yes he is a cold and selfish man on the outside, but he wants to be king to you (Aries) but his Son will be the greatest gift in his life. He will love the son deeply.

I predict a son will be born and your husband will find joy in family and career, but he will never be able to show you affection but when he is an old man he will find you.

Your fate is to be in bliss or happiness, feel happiness in prosperity and family as it is close to God, heaven is closer to happiness than hell, stay close to bliss, be happy sister in a son and home of prosperity and family and status and when he is old man he will come to you and tell you what you know this day as a young woman by your friends here.

You will be like a young teenager when he comes to you as old man sweet talking you he is a joker and yet the keys of heaven will be frimly in your hands. A life of family, joy, prosperity, and just being happy and after all his years he will say, I loved you , I still do. So be waiting for that man and be ready for that day.

Your friends always here,

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