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Re: Will we settle abroad

Originally Posted by Rajarshi View Post
Will discuss next weekend. You have interchange of houses of Venus ( 8L) & Saturn (12L).

VEN &20 Years
From 17@ 7@01
To 17@ 7@21
VEN 17@11@04
SUN 17@11@05
MON 17@ 7@07
MAR 17@ 9@08
RAH 17@ 9@11
JUP 17@ 5@14
SAT 17@ 7@17
MER 17@ 5@20
KET 17@ 7@21
Venus 8 L & Saturn 12 L have interchanged places and created a Vipareeta Raja Yoga. this is more relevant for you as you are passing through Venus Main dasa & your Saturn sub period will start from May 2014 for about 3 years.

Your 4th lord Mercury is in constellation of Sun ( positioned in 12th). Rahu is in 4th house aspecting 12th house.

Therefore foreign staying ( a matter of 12th house) is influenced in your chart by Saturn (12 th lord), Venus & Sun both are in 12th house and Rahu aspecting 12th house.

Your present dasa of Venus up to July 2021 and next dasa Of Sun for 6 years up to 2027 indicate that you will be working in foreign land for many years and there is high probability of settlement In USA as Mercury[ ( also lagna lord of USA) 4th lord is in constellation of a planet in 12th house].

Best wishes

Jai Guru

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