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Will I get the job?

A few months ago, I had asked some questions here on a more serious topic regarding litigation that I was part of. During that time, I was reading up on horary astrology basics trying to get answers to my life dramas. I was falsely alleged of DV allegations by my former partner. The litigation took its due course and concluded in Apr 2019 and I had posted the results in links. I was acquitted of all charges. Some people on this forum had predicted that.

From the last 4 months’ life has taken a different direction, and I do not get much time to study horary techniques, anymore. So, my skills and knowledge on this subject at beginner at best.

At the moment I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that re-building my life will be a constant work in progress, I'll not wake up one morning and it'll all be over. I have focused primarily on re-building my career.

Now back to the question*proper. I interviewed with a government agency on 03 Jul 2019. This will be a very good career move for me. Will I get the job?

The job is L 10 mars? Are there any aspects?
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