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Re: Borderline and body dysmorphia?

hi babydemarco

I added a few other symbols to your chart.
the Saturn/orcus midpoint is conjunct your moon and square to mars.
this could be symbolic of the physical abuse. this pattern would suggest violence by lack of emotional control as you mention. Orcus with Saturn can show sexual abuse also.
the Saturn/Uranus midpoint which would be more specific to the violence you survived is conjunct the vertex/mars midpoint. with the vertex the implication is that he became "possessed" in some manner ,so the violence took on a life of it's won.

following you questions, mercury is conjunct to nessus. nessus is focus of abusive impulse including sexual abuse. with mercury, this could imply repressed or blocked . what is interesting is that the psyche/eros midpoint is conjunct to nessus and mercury. this pattern is easily symbolic of the unusual sexual experience you mention.

the Saturn/chiron midpoint is conjunct to your venus/mars midpoint. this pattern is strong correlated with sexual abuse. but this could include your father.

what is very interesting ,is that Sedna is conjunct your node and sto your sun... this indicates a remarkable pursuit of truth.that is ,you are a truth teller and truth seeker. this impulse maybe why you are searching for the light around your life.


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