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Re: Rahu/Ketu at same degrees in son/father chart

Originally Posted by RaRohini View Post
Hi Julia !
Traditional vedic considers only 7 major planets..Rahu and ketu being nodes of the moon.
I came across an interesting article about the outer planets which i will share with you

Other friends muchacho, mathur_dinesh, RishiRahul etc can perhaps throw better light on this.
Thanks for the link. It definitely makes sense Krittika Nakshatra conjunct Pluto during Mahabharata war. I read on the internet that krittika is the lord of fire and is the divine purifier who destroys all evils from the world. This being conjunct Pluto- the scorpionic energy of ruin and revival and intense force thus makes sense.

As stars have light and planets do not have light, I think the three nakshatras in Scorpio- Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyestha should be taken into account when dealing with energies or how scorpionic it would react and if we look at Jyestha which is Antares in English I guess it depicts the energy of pluto vibrantly ...
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