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Re: Rahu/Ketu at same degrees in son/father chart

Originally Posted by London89 View Post
I'll definitely have a look at the charts of other family members when I get hold of them and I shall definitely share when I find something interesting. I do certainly have an aristocratic lineage.

But anyway thanks for the input, it's definitely a reassurance that nodes conjunct is a good thing

Apart from this, the other similarity between most of my extended near family consisting of aunts and uncles, cousins etc most of us are born in October/November -25 October, 16 October, 7th November, 16th November... i.e. either born or either married to someone with the dates mentioned. Not all definitely but yeah many, I remember this because in one of the gatherings my maternal uncle had raised a toast to all the number 7s and when will this number leave the family (in a more funnier way). Although he's not Oct/Nov but 7th July.

I have my Sun (21.30) exactly conjunct Pluto (21.34) but no idea if Vedic/Karmic uses Pluto in anyway.
Yes karmic uses Pluto, we look at inner to outer planet aspects.
RaRohini and the others can say more about what the Vedics do.

Yes look at the rest of your family. I made a list of each family member and noted the Sun, Moon, North Node (Rahu) and South Node (Ketu). In the British Royal family there was a lot of similarity in the placements.

That is so interesting about your family birth dates being Oct/Nov, a lot of Scorpio energy. The souls come into the family around the same date.

That is funny, when will the 7's leave your family. You may want to look up the spiritual meaning of the number 7 and see if it describes your family.

A number of my family members have died on my birth date. And as a genealogy buff when compiling a family tree, I noticed that was also the birth date or wedding date for a couple of my great grandparents. Kind of of interesting how souls in a family come and go on the same date. Wonder if the Vedics ascribe a meaning to this?

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