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Re: Rahu/Ketu at same degrees in son/father chart

Originally Posted by Julia Karmic Astrology View Post
Yes the nodes take approx 18 yrs to work around the zodiac. You might want to look at other close family members to see if they have the same nodal axis as you and your father.

I once got very interested in this topic, family members sharing the same nodes, and I looked at the British royal family because they have long time accurate birth information, and a well known genealogy. The nodal connections in the family are quite interesting.

I cannot comment on the Vedic interpretation of node synastry. And I cannot interpret on this thread since I am a karmic astrologer, not a vedic. But just to reassure, in my work synastry nodes conjunct is a good thing. Duty and obligation or compensation might be 12 house or Saturn connections, but that is not necessarily bad. But I defer to the Vedics on this thread for interpretation.

I'll definitely have a look at the charts of other family members when I get hold of them and I shall definitely share when I find something interesting. I do certainly have an aristocratic lineage.

But anyway thanks for the input, it's definitely a reassurance that nodes conjunct is a good thing

Apart from this, the other similarity between most of my extended near family consisting of aunts and uncles, cousins etc most of us are born in October/November -25 October, 16 October, 7th November, 16th November... i.e. either born or either married to someone with the dates mentioned. Not all definitely but yeah many, I remember this because in one of the gatherings my maternal uncle had raised a toast to all the number 7s and when will this number leave the family (in a more funnier way). Although he's not Oct/Nov but 7th July.

I have my Sun (21.30) exactly conjunct Pluto (21.34) but no idea if Vedic/Karmic uses Pluto in anyway.
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