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Re: Rahu/Ketu at same degrees in son/father chart

Originally Posted by London89 View Post
Hi Julia,

No, my Grandpa doesn't have the Same Rahu/Ketu nakshatra placement and degrees. Although I don't have the exact birth time but I did a mental math and i.e.

considering the fact that Rahu/Ketu moves in 18.5 years time cycle it has to be a multiple of 18/18.5 and according to my dad, he passed away in 1985 when he was 80 that means he was born in 1905 and that year doesn't fall in that cycle.

I hope I'm right.

BTW, Do you think it means that there's some kind of repayment/penance to do? because Rahu/Ketu is never considered good right?

Yes the nodes take approx 18 yrs to work around the zodiac. You might want to look at other close family members to see if they have the same nodal axis as you and your father.

I once got very interested in this topic, family members sharing the same nodes, and I looked at the British royal family because they have long time accurate birth information, and a well known genealogy. The nodal connections in the family are quite interesting.

I cannot comment on the Vedic interpretation of node synastry. And I cannot interpret on this thread since I am a karmic astrologer, not a vedic. But just to reassure, in my work synastry nodes conjunct is a good thing. Duty and obligation or compensation might be 12 house or Saturn connections, but that is not necessarily bad. But I defer to the Vedics on this thread for interpretation.

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