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Re: Why Is There So Much Conflict?

Originally Posted by Julia Karmic Astrology View Post
Interesting the phrase you keep getting. When I read your previous post asking what others were picking up energy wise, the phrase I keep seeing: Labor pains. Not for you, but for all of us. Both our phrases are similar. Pain associated with something being birthed. Pain or difficulty associated with maturation. Scorpio metaphors, birth, death, rebirth, regeneration???

An underwater volcano is something violent, significant, but underneath the water, something which cannot be seen, but would be felt???

Well, in a sense a volcano does give birth. It gives birth to lava, and that lave is molten Earth, which is Earth made fire. And yes, an underwater volcano does this in a way that reverberates, raises the water temperature, kills flora and fauna, and causes complete change beneath the surface, but we might not see it happening at all from above water.
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