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Re: Why Is There So Much Conflict?

Originally Posted by Witchyone View Post

I'm not blaming my life on external events. My life is fine, actually. I am noticing that external energies are coming faster and more aggressively at me in the past couple years than they did in earlier years. It is possible that I'm hitting that midlife crisis point in life where everything looks like it's going to hell in a handbasket 'cause I'm old, but I don't think so. I have a more positive attitude about life than I had when I was younger. I rather think there ARE special energies at work in the universe at the moment causing specific conflicts.

I am learning that I am very, very sensitive to Mars transits. That may be it.
As we age, the major planetary transits open up our higher level chakras, so we tend to feel the energy around us much more, especially for those who are psychic and sensitive.

And yes, there is most definitely something afoot on an energetic level. I can feel it too.

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