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Re: Why Is There So Much Conflict?

Originally Posted by Julia Karmic Astrology View Post
The energy out there is definitely very bad right now, quite negative and widespread. It is palpable. Time to take breaks from all of it. Listen to music, take walks, whatever revives us. Hopefully things will calm down soon, and we will move forward to a better place.

Wonder if we are feeling Sun, Moon, Mercury moving into Scorpio. I usually feel the transit energy way before it goes direct.

From a spiritual perspective, we are still cleaning up some of the flotsam and jetsam from the 20th century as we move into the 21st century in earnest.

Maybe that is it. The phrase that keeps coming up for me is "baptism by fire," and I don't feel like that is true for me, only. And that would coincide with my only feelings about Scorpio, which are that the element of water doesn't explain it completely. It's more like an underwater volcano.
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