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Smile Re: Why Is There So Much Conflict?

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
I feel it too, with my watery chart.

The media has just started showing us direct images of the warzone "as it happens" in Syria. It's pretty ghastly. Sometimes they move from Mosul to Aleppo to Yemen - 20 minutes of awfulness. I cannot watch this blowing-up-of-people and destruction of homes and communities.

I think this must be an effect of Mars transiting over Pluto. It probably won't improve as the Sun moves into Scorpio. Aaargh.
I explain it as the culmination of the (Tropical) Age of Capricorn, which enhances the power of Saturn in everyone's Chart. Saturn is combined with Mars during this (Tropical) Age, resulting in what's known as "the Military-Industrial-Complex". It's a creation of those who have been driven mad with greed, and a lust for power and control. Not everyone can transmute Saturnian lead into gold--the lead bullet is their go-to reaction to resistance to what they think the world should be like. The "inmates are running the asylum"! Each succeeding Age-degree generation (58.1 years each), will improve in that regard, as the (Tropical) Aquarian-age begins to show it's true effect in our collective Charts. 1975 thru 2033 is the last Nutational degree (I won't bore you with the Astonomy ) of this (Tropical) Capricornian Age. I can SEE the changeover occurring in the young, and in the young-at-heart. Pluto in Aquarius will accelerate the process (2023), but Neptune entering Aries (2026) is worrisome. So the very early 2020s should be a remarkably progressive era, but I'm warning against excessive optimism (you'll see what I mean when the time comes). Courage! And, Goddess bless us all!

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